Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wanna go see a movie?

Can you spare a few million dollars? No? Me either.  Wish I could though, because after writing about it, talking about it and thinking about it, I really regret letting my movie idea go by the wayside. It wasn't a sure thing, nothing is, but it was closer than I ever thought I'd be.

Now, for the type of money I'm talking about, this thing wouldn't be the second coming of "The Avengers" or any crap like that, but it wouldn't need to be. What you would need is, real people, real places, the equipment, a good story and a team of people to bring it to life...oh yeah and the money. .

Well, I've got a good story, sure it would take some tweaking, gotta make some "hollywood style" changes, I'm sure (except Randall's homerun...Hollywood itself couldn't have written that) but all in all, it is a strong story that would just need a little here and a little there.

I feel strongly I could get some help when it comes to locations. I'd bet there are places in the Roanoke Valley that would die to get a movie crew there. Some for the "fame" reasons, but others for the economic reasons. Some just have enough pride and caring for the area that they would just like to see something else good come to the Valley. Even though they are essentially a "villian" in the story, I bet Salem would roll out the red carpet, so to speak, like they do for everything, especially things involving sports.

With everything involved, to make something worthwhile and to get a decent name or two attached (I'm not talking about Tom Cruise, George Clooney or anyone like that, think more Danny McBride or Topher Grace) to it, my guess would be in the 4-6 million dollar range. Now granted, I know absolutely nothing about the filmmaking business outside of what a friend of mine (NYU and UCLA film school grad) has shared and what little I've had told to me by my very few "contacts" in the business. However, I'd think, without being too terribly naive, five million bucks and calling in some favors, could be stretched into something pretty special.

Chances are, the finished product that would be seen in the theatre or more likely on DVD, would strike a slight resemblance to the book that it would be based off of, but certainly not exact, who knows, they might even change the name.

Of course, this is all fantasy...I don't have several million dollars, don't have any super rich friends and don't have the ability currently to go out begging for the money. (Also, to be honest, I'd only rather have a hand or two in the pot, not a bunch of investors all waiting for their return.)

So for those of you who were there, or those of you who know the story through the book and who think this would make a great movie, let me know if you've got a couple million to spare.....and for those who weren't there, thought the book sucked or just don't give a damn.....I'd take your money too, if you're offering.

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